The post-Deleuze condition

Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995), philosophe français, chez lui. Paris, juillet 1988. Photographies de Bruno de Monès.

Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995), philosophe français,
chez lui. Paris, juillet 1988. Photographies de Bruno de Monès.

The use of the prefix ‘post’ in philosophy is far more fortunate than the use of the prefix ‘non’ –in the case of Laruelle– and the prefix ‘anti’ –in the case of Badiou– . (more…)

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Emmanuelle Guattari’s Memoir (Book Acquired, 9.15.2014)


Emmanuelle Guattari’s Memoir (Book Acquired, 9.15.2014)


I read about half of this yesterday. I, Little Asylum by Emmanuelle Guattari. Publisher Semiotext(e)/MIT’s blurb:

A moment later, Lacan is chattering with me, and giving me some crayons to draw with.
—from I, Little Asylum

Founded in 1951 and renowned in the world of psychiatry, the experimental psychiatric clinic of La Borde sought to break with the traditional internment of the mentally ill…

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'The Missing Subject' of Molar Acceleration: Simon O'Sullivan & the plea for Soft-Schizoanalysis

‘The Missing Subject’ of Molar Acceleration: Simon O’Sullivan & the plea for Soft-Schizoanalysis

sonic__i_don_t_know_by_ketrindarkdragon-d5x1at7-schizo img
sonic__i_don_t_know_by_ketrindarkdragon-d5x1at7 schizo

Yesterday I had two reasons to celebrate Simon O’Sullivan’s article The missing subject of accelerationism, which is more like a large hyper-referential review of the #Accelerate Reader, just recently published in Mute Magazine. (more…)

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Guattari: ‘La question de la drogue’ [Summarized by Charles Stivale]

Guattari: ‘La question de la drogue’ [Summarized by Charles Stivale]

guattari schizo featured image
felix quadrant

About a week ago while I was revising Benjamin Noys’ comment on my post about molecular acceleration [here] i.e, thinking about his reluctance to assimilate acceleration from the viewpoint of the production of intensities, it came to my mind Félix Guattari’s Les défoncés machiniques, translated in English as Machinic Junkies, which is an article that I keep close to my chest (more…)

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Oneiric Quadrant & Schizoanalytic Axes of Intensification

Oneiric Quadrant & Schizoanalytic Axes of Intensification

my_dream_land_is_falling_down__shit_by_ateist_kleranty-d59kk3f deviant art flying_dream_by_lurripidragon-d6y3u38  header img
my_dream_land_is_falling_down__shit_by_ateist_kleranty-d59kk3f deviant art flying_dream_by_lurripidragon-d6y3u38

Speaking about dreams, my last postdetonated again a certain sense of nostalgia that comes to me from time to time. This sense of nostalgia is referred to a very difficult period of my life, when I used to dream, with an unexpected regularity, two types of dreams: these dreams started to be very recurrent in that epoch, and each type was shaped by a variety of lucid dreams that retained the same…

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