To read beyond pleasure

To read beyond pleasure

to read beyond pleasure schizo
The Reader of Novels (1853) by Antoine Joseph Wiertz

The Reader of Novels (1853) by Antoine Joseph Wiertz

There is the idea that reading is an activity related to a corporal register of pleasure, a register that brings a joy that ploughs our body through subtle stimuli, like rubbings, like whispers. However, it can also be seen as an imperious necessity. (more…)

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Relations between the points have stayed the same, or the relations of contrast and of opposition between white and black have remained the same […]. Deep down, in a very broad sense of what structuralism is, we can say that structuralism is the method of analysis that consists of drawing constant relations from elements that in themselves, in their own character, in their substance, can change.

So to all you haters out there who say Foucault never defined structuralism - yes he did, and he changed colour while doing it, too. [x]