The Will to Knowledge: What matters that to us, philosophers?

The Will to Knowledge: What matters that to us, philosophers?

Nietzsche1875 schizoid
Nietzsche 1975. Photography by F. Hartmann in Basel.

Nietzsche 1975. Photography by F. Hartmann in Basel.

In the case of Nietzsche nothing about his thought was a question of scrupulous skepticism or moral belief, but a matter of fact to be affirmed, not even confirmed: the event of sense in him has nothing to do with beliefs but with the values which are immanent to it, outside it. (more…)

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…It is a deep identity, a zone of indiscernibility more profound than any sentimental identification: the man who suffers is a beast, the beast that suffers is a man. This is the reality of becoming. What revolutionary person - in art, politics, religion, or elsewhere - has not felt that extreme moment when he or she was nothing but a beast, and became responsible not for the calves that died, but before the calves that died?
Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation by Gilles Deleuze (via dialecticsof)

Nietzsche, Homer & the Theater of Language

Nietzsche, Homer & the Theater of language

homer schizo nietzsche img
Portrait of Homer. Roman copy after a Greek Hellenistic original. Townley Collection

Portrait of Homer. Roman copy after a Greek Hellenistic original. Townley Collection

If we are able to say today, precisely after 114 years of Nietzsche’s death, that the early studies he devoted to Homer were to reopen the lines behind the groundings of our present, so as to sail the principles that deepen what is properly historical in language, it is not only in the sense that history itself…

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Deleuze’s ‘Sept dessins’: ‘Chambre de malade’

Deleuze’s ‘Sept dessins’: ‘Chambre de malade’

deleuze_septdessins_07 schizo image

This is the 7th drawing and the last of the Deleuze’s 1994 ‘Sept dessins’ that I spoke about in my last post [here]: an intriguing drawing entitled ‘Chambre de malade’. I wanted to publish this special drawing with a quote extracted form the excellent analysis made by Henning Schmidgen in his 2012 piece Cerebral Drawings. The Conceptual Art of Gilles Deleuze, which offers a detailed description…

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Deleuze’s ‘Sept dessins’ drawings (1994)

Deleuze’s ‘Sept dessins’ drawings 1994

deleuze_septdessins schizo image

In 1994 Deleuze shared a set of 7 drawings that he made with his own hands and that were published in the 21th October issue of Revue Chimères. The drawings were referenced as ‘Sept dessings’ which makes us think that perhaps he drew them in September of that same year, this is, only two months before his death. Despite that the drawings are too raw they are also pretty conceptual. In this…

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The Task of the Electronic Philosopher: ‘As Inhuman as Possible’

minilogue schizo inhuman sounds

“A musical machine of consistency, a sound machine (not a machine for reproducing sounds), which molecularizes and atomizes, ionizes sound matter, and harnesses a cosmic energy. If this machine must have an assemblage, it is the synthesizer. (more…)

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Sonification of the BwO: Paranoiac voices & Schizo soundings

sonic_by_joshsummana-HIGHLY SCHIZO -IMAGE
sonic_by_joshsummana-HIGHLY SCHIZO

If the paranoiac rejects and is retractile to the relation that his desiring machine entangles with the BwO —if the desiring machine seems to be so prominent in his experiential process—, it is because the BwO is surfaced not only by intensities but also by sonic frequencies: it is a body that records the whole process of machinic desire too (more…)

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